Hello world!

KARIBU(welcome) to my blog.

I can’t thank God enough for planning that I live in this lifetime!

What with all the freedoms and technology and the opportunities that come with these developments. In my view days of crying and groaning are gone. Time has come for us as Africans to stop playing the victim and start using our immense resources to get out of the rut. Whereever you are, look hard and you will find that there is something or someone who can give you that mphhh you have been looking for.

We are in this world but for a very short while, so in the few years that we are alive , let us share and enrich each others lives. As they say, this life is not a rehearsal, so live life to the full….and responsibly.

ASANTE(thank you)


One Response to “Introduction”

  1. atelierduphoenix Says:

    Exactly !
    Have a good day and a beautifull wake up to change life around you !
    Sorry for my english french are not very good in another langage… but I wish you understand mee.
    Bye bye

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